Thursday Breakout Sessions

Trustee Session
Thoroughbred Room 2

Rathman PortraitThe (HE)art of Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement
Michelle Rathman
Founder, Strategist

As hospitals endure the no-end-in-sight tidal waves of uncertainty and change, they must also continue their efforts to gain market share, recruit and retain talent maintain impeccable quality and safety, all while establishing new ways to achieve meaningful community stakeholder engagement.

In this session, attendees will:

  • discuss differences between unrequited outreach and mutual engagement powered by strategy
  • explore an honest, holistic and practical approach to tackling subjects of outmigration, aversion and reputation management

Foundation Session
Thoroughbred Room 3

Ashley PortraitHealth Care & Philanthropy: Taking Advantage of Fundraising Trends While Enhancing a Culture of Philanthropy
Jeff Ashley
Founder, President & Senior Consultant
Ashley/Roundtree and Associates


Moloy PortraitTammy Moloy
Partner and Senior Consultant
Ashley/Roundtree and Associates

Philanthropy today takes place in a context that is radically different from the environment in which many of its current practices and behaviors were initially developed, especially in the health care sector. Tax law changes, globalization, increased economic pressures and uncertainty and unprecedented growth in just the number of non-profits actively soliciting donors in the marketplace all impact fundraising.

In this session, attendees will:

  • discuss and explore trends in fundraising
  • learn how to enhance and embrace a culture of philanthropy/li>
  • consider how to maximize the impact of private giving in the health care sector/li>